Bits and Pieces
Small Projects & Other Things

Some small projects from over the years and code bits from a long time ago; were polished and brought back to life. Most of them were either part of a work project or were just from tinkering around in my free time. Some of them are more recent and part of trying out new libraries and front-ends.

Photosynthesis Scheme

Scheme Creator

Creating or modifying the Photosynthetic Scheme for presentations or posters can become time-consuming, including finding figures or previously used files, modifying, labeling, or changing colors. The creator was built to easily add or remove complexes, different pathways, etc., and export the figure as a vector graphic or a regular image file. It also provides a simple figure legend based on the selected elements.

The figure style is based on Kramer, D. M., Avenson, T. J. and Edwards, G. E. (2004) Dynamic flexibility in the light reactions of photosynthesis governed by both electron and proton transfer reactions. Trends Plant Sci 9, 349-357

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Calendar Heatmap

Data Visualization
Calendar Heatmap

When working with time-resolved data, Calendar heatmaps can be a great tool to visualize clusters, outliers,trends, and seasonal cycles over different periods, using a calendar layout with color gradients. This tool makes it easy to create a heatmap from a dataset formatted as a CSV or JSON file. The resulting map can be edited and saved as SVG or PNG.

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Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic Table

This was a small project to build an interactive Periodic Chart of Elements as part of an application, that never came to be.

The element information is provided by Pubchem.

Periodic Chart of Amino Acids

Periodic Table
Amino Acids

Biologists have a Periodic Chart too! Like the one for Elements, this chart was also intended to be part of an application.

The chart was originally published by Bachem AG.

Predict Protein Parameters

Predict & Calculate
Protein Properties

The MS/MS database application MS2DB was supposed to have numerous little functions helping to quickly characterize proteins identified by mass spectrometry.

The functions, originally in PHP, have found a new home here.

Get formated Citiation by DOI

Predict & Calculate
Chlorophyll Content

Working with plants or algae provides the option to use either total protein content or chlorophyll content for the planned experiment.

This calculator allows calculating the chlorophyll content according to Porra et al.

Format FASTA file output


Formatting a DNA/RNA or AminoAcid sequence can be a pain, especially if you only have to do it occasionally and you don't have those fancy tools.

This tool you allows to quickly format your sequence to fit your needed layout.

Get formated Citiation by DOI


Originally part of a simple function made for the PhotosynQ platform to add references, this form can now be used to receive a formatted citation.

No need to fire up your reference manager, a DOI number is enough.

Jugend Forscht

From Before the New Millenium
Jugend Forscht

Jugend forscht (Youth researches) is a German competition in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) which two friends and I entered in high school back in 1999. This is the work we did on identifying different leaf pigments over the course of a year in Parthenocissus tricuspidata, titled "Die Wilden Farben des Wilden Weins" - "The Various Colors of Boston Ivy".